Do you still remember how to write? I mean, real writing. Writing physically with a pen on paper. As we enter deeper into the digital era, the use of pens is gradually being lost and forgotten. Writing, today, are mostly done on our phones and computers. This is something that is almost unimaginable just 20 … Continue reading Write


I love stories about adventure and I believe that that has a strong impact on the things I write about. Isn't success, or rather the journey to our desired success, simply an adventure. Success, at the beginning, is just a destination. The path(s) to success is an unknown. Adventures are often filled with obstacles, challenges, … Continue reading Adventure


Is it easier for successful people to adopt good habits for success? Answer: No Successful people don't find adopting good success habits easier than average people. It would be ignorant to think that successful people naturally possess good success habits. Successful people simply choose to do it anyway. Like Mike Tyson once said, "If I … Continue reading Easier


What do you identify yourself as? The answer could possibly tell a lot. Average people identify themselves as average. Even before the pistol is fired, the idea of failure has already been planted in their mind. Because success, is meant only for the born-success. And what about successful people? In their mind, success is a … Continue reading Identity


Have you ever wondered why you're here? Why you're born even though you've never asked for it? Yes, it's true that our parents give us a life which we didn't choose to have. And rather than bemoaning life, why not try to appreciate it? We are all here for a purpose. And rather than to … Continue reading Life