The Simple Meaning of Success

To many people, success means a huge mansions, several posh cars, and a billion dollars in the bank. Actually that’s true, if you’re referring to how success is being portrayed in Hollywood films. What’s success? Success is really, happiness, living a meaningful life, living in alignment with our purpose, pushing ourselves to our limits, and … Continue reading The Simple Meaning of Success

I Don’t Blame You

I don’t blame you for not wanting to be successful. After all, success was never a must in our life. We must pass our exams. We must eat our brocolli. And we must listen to our parents. But success was never a priority. But if you’ve followed me for a while, you would know that … Continue reading I Don’t Blame You

Stupid Things

When you choose to focus on being successful, you will become successful. All it takes is time. When you choose to focus on doing bad things, you will do bad things as well. But if you choose to do nothing, you will not do nothing. Rather, you will tell yourself to do something. Because that’s … Continue reading Stupid Things

Zoo Trips

Often, when we go to the zoo, we are not going there to see the zoo animals. We are going there to see ourselves. The zoo is just a mirror for us to look at ourselves. Zoo animals are well fed, well sheltered, and lacking in any purpose in life. Doesn’t that sound familiar. After … Continue reading Zoo Trips

Happiness and Success

Some people don’t want to be successful. They swear that they don’t. They just want to be happy. But what if they can be both successful and happy? Success brings happiness. Happiness, often is just a byproduct of success. Sure, success means making decisions to sacrifice fun. Happiness means sitting on the couch, with a … Continue reading Happiness and Success

Energy Output

We have powerful and valuable energy. But like the energy from the sun, it can’t be stored for too long. Our energy is valuable. Because we can use it to take us to the moon, or we can use it to watch TV. What we do with it is up to us. Assess yourself. What … Continue reading Energy Output

I’m Still Around

Sometimes, at the end of the day, your followers just want to see that you are still around. People have their reservations on who to follow simply because too many have given up halfway. When we decide to call it a day, whether if it’s for a valid reason or not, we will disappoint the … Continue reading I’m Still Around

Give Me An Idea Now

“Give me an idea now!” Obviously, that won’t work. Generating ideas doesn’t work like that. Ideas are like butterflies. If we intentionally chase after them, they will fly further away from us. Ideas are best sprouted from serendipity. When we are listening to music, doing our own work, showering, eating, reading, meditating, exercising, walking, etc. … Continue reading Give Me An Idea Now

Michael Collins

It’s a sad day as the world has lost a hero. Michael Collins has left us. He was one of the three astronauts who participated in the Apollo 11 mission. To be in his role, one has to be selfless. One has to be brave. One has to be a hero. And, indeed, Michael Collins … Continue reading Michael Collins


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