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How to Succeed

We are all born a winner. After all, we’ve all beaten 10 million of our competitors to win the fertilization prize. But over the years of growing up, we’ve lost the belief and spirit of being a champion. To win again requires us to do 2 things. Firstly, we must want to win. Want to … Continue reading How to Succeed

Aim For The Moon

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” We all have heard of this motivational quote. The problem is that most people who hear this quote tend to put their focus on the stars, rather than the moon. Don’t let the stars distract you. Aim for the moon. Just aim for … Continue reading Aim For The Moon


Do you still remember how to write? I mean, real writing. Writing physically with a pen on paper. As we enter deeper into the digital era, the use of pens is gradually being lost and forgotten. Writing, today, are mostly done on our phones and computers. This is something that is almost unimaginable just 20 … Continue reading Write

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